drew kimball (the editor)

Photo Unavailable.Everyone knows the story. It is the stuff of Spider Monkey Legend. Disaster loomed when the Spider Monkey's usual editors went on strike. With a pressing deadline, Drew Kimball stepped up to the plate. Crossing picket lines, Drew excercised his masterful editing skills and saved the day.

"I'll admit it," says Andrew Jedlicka. "Drew really helped us out with the editing. However, there was no strike. I don't know what you're talking about."

Agreed, Andrew!

Drew recently became the first Spider Monkey to get married. He currently lives with his wife and two children in suburbia.

However, his greatest accomplishment was directing the Spider Monkey short film masterpiece, "The Deal." "The Deal" is the story of a shady drug deal gone wrong, but below the surface it is the story of six remarkable individuals and the motivations that drive them.

"'The Deal' is my one true love," says Drew. "Just don't tell my wife!"

We won't tell if you won't, Drew!