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Andrew Jedlicka

trevorious23: i have to finish your bio
LAndrewstyles1: have you started?
trevorious23: not really
trevorious23: i don't know
LAndrewstyles1: here's a funny idea
trevorious23: ok
LAndrewstyles1: make it an IM conversation like your trying to keep in touch with me
LAndrewstyles1: now that I live in LA, I have very little time for you guys anymore
trevorious23: ok here goes
trevorious23: HEY ANDREW!!!!!!!
trevorious23: it's me, TREVOR WILIAMS!
LAndrewstyles1: oh, hey, Trevor tight?
LAndrewstyles1: wait...Trevor, right?
trevorious23: your old Spider Monkey pal!
LAndrewstyles1: what's up? I'm kind of busy editing this TV show in Hollywood.
trevorious23: I can't believe I tracked you down!
trevorious23: this is awesome!
trevorious23: we gotta get to work on the next SSMF!
trevorious23: i have a couple of ideas
trevorious23: we could do a show about my space
LAndrewstyles1: yeah, that sounds great. definitely.
trevorious23: oh cool
trevorious23: wait, though, i have like 12 more
trevorious23: remember the detective story
LAndrewstyles1: well, make it quick, because I have to attend the daytime emmy awards next friday.
trevorious23: well i thought you could play the inspector
trevorious23: and i would be his cookie sidekick
LAndrewstyles1: yeah, sounds great. definitely. why don't you send my manager the script.
LAndrewstyles1: make sure you tell him you knew me a while ago.
trevorious23: no that's ok, we can just work on it together
trevorious23: me and you
trevorious23: like old times
trevorious23: remember how we used to spend hours in the dining hall writing sketches
trevorious23: and planning shoots
LAndrewstyles1: uh..i just can't...
LAndrewstyles1: I just can't live in the past anymore...
trevorious23: uhm
LAndrewstyles1: yeah, I'm sorry
trevorious23: but we really need you to help us run the show.
LAndrewstyles1: I'm sure you guys have it under control
trevorious23: would you mind just taking a look at a script or two?
LAndrewstyles1: Yeah, that sounds good. I think Kilmer would be a natural fit for it
trevorious23: Really! That's great! Wow, Val Kilmer! I can't believe you could convince someone like that to do a Spider Monk-
LAndrewstyles1: Oh, shit, sorry. That was supposed to go to my agent.
trevorious23: oh
LAndrewstyles1: Do I make you a little horny?
trevorious23: A little.
LAndrewstyles1: Cool.
LAndrewstyles1: Ok, great talk to you later, babe. We'll sit down and do lunch when things are less crazy.
trevorious23: hmmm I have the feeling that you are fishing not sure what I would be comfortable with...we'll see
LAndrewstyles1: Nope, not you. Agent, again.
trevorious23: :(

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