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Mack Williams

An excert from Mack's diary, 4/21/06:

Dear Diary of Mack Williams,

Well, another great day as me. It began with a sunrise row in my kayak with my Adopt-A-Grandparent, followed with a heaping bowl of corn beef hash fresh from my garden. When I left the house, my hair was the perfect consistency of puff. I tried to draw a picture of my hairstyle, like I do everyday, but it just came out looking like clouds. I didn't let this get me down because I knew today was going to be special. When I walked into work, after dropping the homemade muffins off at the children's hospital, my boss pulled me aside. I was hoping he wanted to kiss me, like last time, but instead he just gave me a pat on the bottom and said, “You're doing a fine job here at Adult Swim, Mack.” And he didn't say it out loud, but I think he implied, when he squeezed my left buttock, that Neal Holman didn't hold a candle to me. At about mid-morning, I stopped working for a moment to exclaim to the world, “I am an animator!! But I bleed just like a man!” I think Kathy in accounting started to cry, so I bought her a Snickers. That night, I treated myself to some corn beef hash, for being so strong and alive. I want you to know that even when I become a big, famous cartoon drawer man, you'll still be my best friend. Besides my dog. You two are tied. And then next comes my hypothetical future wife. She's third, but knowing her, which I don't yet, she'll understand.

This is the bottom.
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