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January 31, 2005

Shelly's sign.

VertigoI have often wished I could ask Shelly something like, "What's your sign, and how does that affect your opinion of W32/Fungmush.worm.gen?"

It looks like a national television advertising campaign beat me to it.

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January 29, 2005

Screening in NYC

This just in! The new Spider Monkey short "Lightning Brains" has been selected to be part of the debut Channel 102 screening in New York City, Thursday, February 3.

Channel 102 is a spin-off of the LA-based Channel 101 screenings, wherein people submit five-minute fake TV pilots, and the audience votes for their favorites. The top five vote-getters then get asked to make a second episode for the next month's screening. They then compete with the other returning shows and the new batch of pilots. It continues in such fashion until the show is "cancelled" by the audience.

If you live in New York, go to the screening, scream loudly, and vote for "Lightning Brains." It's free, February 3, 2005, at 7pm at the Parkside Lounge, 317 E. Houston Street.


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January 26, 2005

Dinosaurs on the Computer?

Mack has just released a bunch of stylish new desktop wallpapers. One of 'em has Scribbles the Monkey on it.


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January 24, 2005

Extra! Extra! Monkey Fiasco Makes Cover Of Comedy Magazine!

Well, we didn't exactly make the cover, but this quarter's issue of Modest Proposal Magazine features a two page interview with Trevor, Ed and myself.

It's one of the first interviews we've had where no one was misquoted, and it also features a great photo of the cast with a superimposed version of cartoon Ed (about a year ago, Ed was severely disfigured in a boating accident and refused to sit for any pictures).

I'm sure most of you who clicked on the link to access more information were looking for the remaining pictures of Ed's disfigured face (the ones that survived the fire), but you have to remember that the title of this post is in reference to some comedy magazine we were in...wait, let me scroll up...Oh yeah, Modest Proposal Magazine.

It's a very good interview that answers important questions such as, "What will happen after our so-called revolution," and "what's the difference between a short film and a sketch?"

The rest of the magazine is very cool and it's only $3. To order a copy, click here.


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January 18, 2005

Celebrity Sighting!

Turkey DaySometime last year or so, Shelly Stover moved to New York to pursue a career of some sort. In late November, Shelly showed up on the real television program "Best Week Ever" dressed as a pilgrim! Needless to say, Andrew, Ed, and the guy who played Umbrella Man were shocked.

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Mack has been busy.

Mack has redesigned his web site and has some pretty interesting things to say. Around the Spider Monkey Offices, we have a pool going as to how long it will take before he abandons his book plan.

For fun, after you load his page, hit "reload" over and over again and watch the guy at the top of the screen morph into different animals.


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January 14, 2005

What is going on here?

It's the middle of a month in a year that was new two weeks ago, and these spider monkeys are up to something. But what is it? And what is that on Ed's face? (It's nothing.)

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