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Citing Chaos

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Recently, we posted a sketch with "a scientifically accurate" explanation of chaos theory, suitable for citation in your school term paper.

Well, the semester is almost over, and that means it's time to cram the end of those papers. Luckily, The Spider Monkeys are here for you. If you cite our 'Chaos Theory' sketch in your school paper (and send us proof that it was graded), we'll send ya a dvd and some other cool stuff.

It doesn't even have to be a science paper. Writing about James Joyce? Communications Law? Any topic is fine. Chaos figures into just about everything.

Once your teacher has seen this brilliant citation, he'll show to the other teachers in the teachers' lounge. This will lead one of them to leave school a few minutes late, he'll run a stop sign and cause a small fender bender. When that happens, it draws a police officer to the scene, resulting in the escape of a burglar across town. This burglar sells a copy of "The Scream," making a million dollars. he uses this money to build a beach house in Florida which is destroyed in a hurricane. The debris floats along the east coast unti a beaver in Massachusttes uses it to build a dam which causes flooding downstream and blocks traffic on the Interstate. Someone stuck in his car on the road sees a Spider Monkey sticker on a sign and visits this site, setting in motion the whole process again.

Now you understand why this is such a noble effort.

Click below for complete rules.


1) Entrant MUST cite the web site "" in his/her paper, using either footnotes, endnotes, or a works cited page.

2) Simple citation is not enough. Entrant must work a description of the sketch or a direct quote from the sketch into the body of his/her paper.

3) A copy of the final, graded paper must be provided to the judges. Computer scans are fine. Entrants may also mail a hard copy if no scanner is available. Contact for mailing information.

4) The paper must be graded. Proof of the teacher's existance must be provided (with a link to the class web site, a course syllabus, or other acceptable form of proof).

5) The judges reserve the right to terminate the contest at any time, or disqualify any entrant for any reason, here described or heretofore conceived. Decisions of the judges are final.

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