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A New Monday Tradition.


What people love most about the Spider Monkey Fiasco is the willingness to adapt. After all, that's what separates us from shows with lesser mammals in their title. Thusly, every Monday morning a new cast-favorite sketch will be uploaded in multiple formats to appease Internet users everywhere. In addition to the snazzy new qucktime movies, we'll also revisit the featured sketch with behind the scenes photos and commentary. So get things started, and check out the post below!


No new actors fav scene this week??

well besides that (this one is for Ed and Mack) I was watching Sealab Moby Sick and I had recored it on my Tivo (which i record all sealabs) and I was watching the news reel and low and behold "Teen age boy gets brain damage NOT super powers after being struck by lightning!" HAHA I LOVE IT!

(that was posted by me (Michael B.) not my other more popular name with the ladies "Anonymous ")

glad you caught the joke, michael. that was mack's doing.

Yeah, some tradition, huh? I was in New York this weekend and didn't get a chance to do anything. I'll do it tonight!

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Cat Heavyweight Champion vs. Human Baby!

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A special guest star drops in for a little chat and chase.

Grizmor's daughter sits in on space lute.

Gary and Grizmor feud over 1) the common area 2) the whole tone scale.

Gary's educational web series about musical technique and friendship.

Go behind the scenes of the Nice Brothers with its head writer Jenn Pineapple.

The Brothers head to India to chat up the ladies International-style!

The Nice Brothers turn to the master instructor of basketball skills: VHS!

She doesn't do lunch.

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The brothers teach a baby chump to be a baby man.

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