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Britney Spears Is Pregnant, So Here Are Some More Bloopers


Ed's blue eyes will pierce right through you and then melt your heart.It's been almost two years since Episode 17, "The Final Fiasco" debuted on the big screen. But that was a rough, unpolished rush-job of an episode. Since then, the episode has undergone an extreme makeover (courtesy of ABC) and is primed to be viewed on your TV. Luckily, the network executives at Housing 12 have finally decided to greenlight the production of a Final Fiasco DVD. While you camp out at home by your computers for 7 weeks waiting for the DVD's premiere, please enjoy one of the DVD's special features - A hilarious blooper reel!


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You are pretty dapper looking for someone playing the part of an ancient wizard, Ed.

Your flattery is flattering, Caleb, but let's be honest - we only sold around 10% of the real Spider Monkey DVDs that were chock full of extras and remastered episodes. If we sell any Final Fiasco DVDs, it'll be because people pity us.

New Spider Monkey DVD?? what when where I must BUY!

"The Final Fiasco DVD" should be finished within the next week. Once the DVD is finished, we'll just have to do some disc error checking and figure out what kind of packaging we want, but that shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.

It'll contain just one episode and some special features. There will be a link on the website when that day comes.

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