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What is the New York Times?

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It's a famous newspaper. And last week, they printed an article about the Channel101/102 phenomenon. Near the bottom comes this:

The New York City-based Channel 102 does not have quite the following of its Los Angeles counterpart yet, but at its second gathering, held earlier this month on the Lower East Side, a group of about 100 revelers crowded into the back of the Parkside Lounge, voting on shows like "Jesus Christ Supercop," "Locked in a Closet" and "Lightning Brains."

So, from now on, it's "The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco, As Mentioned In The New York Times."

Password, if needed.

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We're famous... sort of. from Mack Williams Dot Com on April 4, 2005 1:10 PM

The New York Times has written an article (Use bugmenot if you have to register) about the recently increased popularity of Channel 101 and 102. Down near the bottom, you'll find this paragraph... The New York City-based Channel 102 does... Read More


Heh Heh...good prank.... But seriously I was scared that the site had gone down for good! I watched LB2 at a friends house I come home the next day to download LB2 on my compy and THE SPIDER MONKEYS ARE GONE! So I did some remebering and went to ch102's site and got LB2! GLAD THE SITE IS BACK!!

Michael, I'm glad you're back, too.

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