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Online trading of Baseball Broadcasts will kill DTV.

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We love the potential of HDTV here at the Spider Monkey Fiasco, and recently a federal court told the FCC it couldn't force hardware manufacturers to recognize the "broadcast flag," which was designed to prevent Internet trading of HDTV broadcasts. Of course, such regulation is well out of the FCC's jurisdiction, and experts say it would have little to no effect on illegal trading anyway, serving only to protect the film industry's business models. But MPAA head Dan Glickman comes to the flag's defense:

The digital era presents great opportunities and great challenges. The opportunities come with the high-quality, high-resolution pictures that greatly enhance the viewing pleasure of the consumer. The challenges lie in protecting that content so that it is not stolen and resold or rebroadcast by video pirates.

Without proper protections, it will be increasingly difficult to show movies, television shows or even baseball games on free television.



1 Comment

Hey, it's your biggest fan wiping the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard again! You guys are amazing.

Speaking of amazing, I'm actually teaching script writing this summer, and who better to introduce the class to than you guys! I think we'll take some time to deconstruct your work.

But seriously folks, it'd be very cool to link up at some point perhaps through a web conference. Any chance we can see a script matched to a show, or is everything actually improv?

Always best wishes,

Dr. K

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