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July 21, 2005

The Computer Wore Flat-Soled Pumas

Our friend/co-worker Christian is a talented guy. Our friend/co-worker Casey is a talented guy too. Put the two together and you have their original Improv play "The Computer Wore Flat-Soled Pumas." Written by Christian, crazy set design by Casey, it's good times with the improv guys and gal of Dad's Garage as they explore the complex relationship of Steve Jobs, Steve Waznyak (whose name is spelled wrong by me), and a super ultimate mega computer with a heart of gold. I saw it last week. People who don't go to this live boring lives.

The play runs this weekend, Thurs., Friday, and Saturday, 8 pm at Top Shelf (right behind Dad's Garage).

Access Atlanta Interview.


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July 12, 2005

Fun with Media Consolidation

News articles often include a "disclosure." If the article refers to a company or entity that is owned or associated with the news organization producing the article, they will say so. As media companies become more and more consolidated, the more likely the news organization will be reporting on another company owned by the same parent corporation.

The guys writing the news are very aware of this phenomenom, as I discovered in the wee early hours of the morning on July 12. Around 2:45 am, I was reading an article on about Time Magazine's report of a White House leak. The last sentence read as follows:

Time, like CNN, is a part of the Time Warner media empire.

It seems someone was having a bit of fun with the current state of media consolidation. Someone else didn't think it was so funny. By the time I got to work at 10 am, the article remained the same, except for the last line which now reads:

Time is owned by Time Warner, the parent company of CNN.


Screencap of original article.
Screencap of revised article.

Ed Mundy is part of the Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco, which also operates this web site.

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July 7, 2005

Hometown boys make good.

That other sketch show from Athens, Georgia, is making the leap to expanded basic cable this week. Back in the old days, the Damn Show and the Spider Monkey show used to run back-to-back on dorm cable-access channel 12, leading to much confusion from people who didn't know they were different shows made by different people. I was complimented for my performance as "Scary Wolf" more than once.

On friday night, the Damn Show folks are premiering "Stankervision" on MTV2. Check it out. Everyone at Spider Monkey Studios is pretty excited to see the show, and we wish them luck in the high-stakes world of real television.

Housing 12 really takes you places.


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