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Farewell, Rob T. Firely.

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I got an e-mail tonight from Rob, the guy who made Pod-six was the Sealab fan site, and it was one of the most comprehensive, interesting, and fun web sites I've visited. In a world where fans often feel like they have to be critics (and harsh critics, at that), reminded us that it's okay to be a fan just for the pure joy of loving something. Rob's site was funny and entertaining, informative, and, to me, encouraging, without a hint of cynicism.

Rob put an amazing amount of work into the site. He wrote and organized episode reviews, interviewed us, and, at times, he seemed to know what was going on in our lives and careers almost before we did. He took an early interest in Sealab, and that interest eventually extended beyond the show and to other things we worked on, like this little Spider Monkey thing we dabble around with. His encouraging posts and e-mails always brightened my day and helped convince me the work was worthwhile.

Now that Sealab is over, Rob is closing up shop at Pod-six. The Spider Monkeys are going to miss it, but at the same time, we'll be watching eagerly to see what Rob has in store for the world next.


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