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ShellyWatch: Day 581


Driving ham salesAs many of you have told us, Shelly Stover's face can currently be seen selling meat on national television.

Where have you seen Shelly? Report ShellyWatch sightings here.

Postage Stamp Theater: Quicktime video of the commercial.
(Special thanks to Ed's sister Joanna for the video. Joanna lives in England, where televisions are 1/16 the size they are in the New World.)

Previous ShellyWatch sightings: 1, 2


I still think you guys do great stuff. Where's the PSA about alcohol and drug use? I think my current students need to see that.

All the best!

Dr. Bruce

Hi Dr. Klopfenstein. Good to hear from you. We do need to put the PSA back up. I think the frat guys from the Borat movie say it all!

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Cat Heavyweight Champion vs. Human Baby!

Legalize Kitty Cats At 295 5th Avenue fights for YOUR rights to have a cat at 295 5th Avenue.

An important Thanksgiving message.

Purell Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria. But what happens to the other .1%?

Your Local Library presents this musical message about reading.

For Easter, Gary and Grizmor explore string-skipping and eternal salvation.

Gary invites a rival guitar tutorialist to teach sweep picking.

After a recap of What Has Come Before, Gary and Grizmor explore Jazz Improvization.

A special guest star drops in for a little chat and chase.

Grizmor's daughter sits in on space lute.

Gary and Grizmor feud over 1) the common area 2) the whole tone scale.

Gary's educational web series about musical technique and friendship.

Go behind the scenes of the Nice Brothers with its head writer Jenn Pineapple.

The Brothers head to India to chat up the ladies International-style!

The Nice Brothers turn to the master instructor of basketball skills: VHS!

She doesn't do lunch.

The brothers find a time portal and teach a cave chump to be a cave man.

The brothers teach a baby chump to be a baby man.

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