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Shelly plays an inconsiderate asshole who gets what's coming to her.Despite recently stripping naked for Sugar in the Raw, the all-time most popular Shelly-centric commercial is decidedly last year's T-Mobile Telegram spot. We recently took a look at the youtube page for this commercial and were surprised to see it had been viewed 67,000 times and had over 70 comments! The comments include the expected descriptions of Shelly as "hot" and "adorable," a startling accusation that the singer is a "looser," and a lengthy debate between Shelly's fans and a protective "relative" who refused to give up Shelly's name to the masses. Our favorite comments include:

nedlogamerica: "He he ... lol... guy in the suit is a looser"

Jaxster03: "omg. i thought that guy was a hamster, but my boyfriend told me that he was a bear. I felt so retarded. I think that a singing hamster is funnier than a singing bear[:"

BrooklynGangsta4865: "omg that's such a bad reason to break up
They look old enough why don't they live together???"

SterlingSolomon: "Stamp Out? Male-Bashing! END MISANDRY NOW!"

And for those of you who do not understand the commercial, we have this excellent explanation from Nekrochik12:
"thats so freakin funny lol
she was all excited and it wasnt wut she expected lol"

But best of all, Rachel, Shay, and "Counter" created their own amazing version of the commercial. Who needs balloons and a bear suit when you have a plastic rooster and no lights?

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