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Love, Lust, and a Giant Killer Turtle

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Love, LustSeveral years ago, Neal Holman pitched an idea for the Spider Monkey show. It would be an entire episode set in a summer camp, with kids and counselors, romance and comedy, and a giant, killer turtle. Naturally, we rolled our eyes and moved on to making sketches about time traveling robots and holiday monster attacks, but Neal never let his summer camp idea die. With artist Chad Hurd, Neal has created a comic book called "Love, Lust, and a Giant Killer Turtle." It's available for free-viewing on the next generation comic site Zuda Comics.

It's also part of a competition. If it gets the most votes of June's ten competitors then Zuda will pick it up as a regular feature and Neal and Chad will produce a new issue every month! I've seen Neal's outline for future issues, and it's definitely something I want to see come to life. It takes less than a minute to sign in and vote.

Read the comic and vote HERE!


Cover painted by Daniel Cox.

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