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April 27, 2005

Erin is cute.

that font looks awful familiar...I just got back from my live phone interview with ManiaTV is a cool, unique thing where they broadcast a 24-hour, live, internet television channel with very attractive CJs (that's cyber-jockeys). (They also use the same font for their logo that we use on our site - explain that one, ManiaTV!) I was chosen as a featured filmmaker for "Sweepstakes II," a sketch from "Old School Revenge." "Sweepstakes" will be airing each night this week during the "Too Short for Hollywood" show, and you can also request it (and the Playground sketch) to be played again. Let 'em know you want to see more Spider Monkey.

During the interview, Erin asked me about my inspiration for making "Sweepstakes" and what new projects I am working on. After it was all over she stood in front of a wall of a thousand TVs for about an hour.


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April 18, 2005

A New Monday Tradition.

What people love most about the Spider Monkey Fiasco is the willingness to adapt. After all, that's what separates us from shows with lesser mammals in their title. Thusly, every Monday morning a new cast-favorite sketch will be uploaded in multiple formats to appease Internet users everywhere. In addition to the snazzy new qucktime movies, we'll also revisit the featured sketch with behind the scenes photos and commentary. So get things started, and check out the post below!

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What's The Deal?

This is a screen grabThe Deal opens up episode 16 "It's About Time" with a bang. With Drew Kimball directing and shooting the sketch, the cast was able to put their full energy into their performances. Click "continue reading" for behind the scenes photos and insider information!

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Continue reading "What's The Deal?"

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April 13, 2005

Britney Spears Is Pregnant, So Here Are Some More Bloopers

Ed's blue eyes will pierce right through you and then melt your heart.It's been almost two years since Episode 17, "The Final Fiasco" debuted on the big screen. But that was a rough, unpolished rush-job of an episode. Since then, the episode has undergone an extreme makeover (courtesy of ABC) and is primed to be viewed on your TV. Luckily, the network executives at Housing 12 have finally decided to greenlight the production of a Final Fiasco DVD. While you camp out at home by your computers for 7 weeks waiting for the DVD's premiere, please enjoy one of the DVD's special features - A hilarious blooper reel!


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April 6, 2005

Going Up From The Bottom

The LA smog makes Andrew look very old.Before the most elaborate April Fool's joke in history, I posted something about a sitcom in an elevator. Remember? Well it got the least amount of votes at the Channel 102 screening, but that's just because no one understood it. So let me's like a sitcom parody in an elevator! How crazy is that? This cast of characters chose the most cramped hangout spot in sitcom history. Oh and by the way, my character just might be an angel.


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April 2, 2005

What is the New York Times?

It's a famous newspaper. And last week, they printed an article about the Channel101/102 phenomenon. Near the bottom comes this:

The New York City-based Channel 102 does not have quite the following of its Los Angeles counterpart yet, but at its second gathering, held earlier this month on the Lower East Side, a group of about 100 revelers crowded into the back of the Parkside Lounge, voting on shows like "Jesus Christ Supercop," "Locked in a Closet" and "Lightning Brains."

So, from now on, it's "The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco, As Mentioned In The New York Times."

Password, if needed.

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Back from the Dead.

April Fool's Day is over and if you visited the web site any time in the past four weeks, you were part of the most elaborate prank in Internet history. You may have thought that the site was down for almost a month, but it was just a joke! I know, it's pretty clever, but we couldn't have done it alone. We really need to give a big shout out to our web hosting friends at Powweb for taking the first step by shutting us down and refusing to reinstate us despite our reasoned pleas. Thanks, guys!


PS: To celebrate the end of our month-long gag, we've added a new menu selection for "shorts" on the bar to the right. Now you can quickly access all the recent short videos from our site without having to search the archives.

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Lightning Brains never strikes twice.

Neal enjoys a warm beverage.  Be careful, Neal!  That tea is HOT!Episode 2 of Lightning Brains is up and running. It got cancelled over at Channel102 at the end of February, so here's your chance to say goodbye to all your favorite characters.

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